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Also, the formation of the social environment and the community environment lifestyle sites , enhance service innovation , the experience into a competitive edge. Cheap Focus currently has extensive interactive screen layout in Shanghai, Beijing , Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Hangzhou and other seven cities , including 30,000 Focus interactive screen has been able to achieve cooperation with poly cost and Alipay .What kind of category and brand fit it go fast fashion line ? Addition to the clothing brand , in fact, clothing , food, FMCG , and even cosmetics can learn from "fast fashion" brand management ideas.Although Anhui "fast brand" number still remain in the single digits, but it is undeniable , "fast brand" is a little bit into city life.

June s crazy promotion highlights major electricity supplier in July " off-season " loneliness. " " Nomad " the industry statistics show that in the past five years, foreign capital investment in Vietnam had 22.The reason why the traditional retail functions then stored value gift card manufacturing , consumer convenience , easy gifts are secondary , the core interest is the early completion of "misappropriating " to solve their capital reserves .After China joined the WTO , the textile and garment exports at record highs .The export tax rebate system is a state refund in domestic production , circulation , the export sector has to pay the indirect tax system , the purpose is to export goods to the international market price excluding tax and enhance competitiveness in the international market and to avoid cross- movement of goods double taxation , promotion of foreign trade exports .Currently, Hefei has six "fast fashion" stores, more and more international brands eyeing the consumption growth of the countrys first "suck Campbell land .

For these companies, to produce low-cost labor markets , this trend is obvious.This fresh and practical way to make more and more high-end customers flock to year on the achievements of the " Day into the tens of thousands and so big deal ," the story , causing many experts enthusiastically join the United States over the past decade for the popular high-speed expansion and the development has laid a solid foundation operations and brand strength .Focus Electric , retail business was renamed phenomenon July 18 , the international sporting goods giant Adidas news release , will close its factory in China directly under the last one before the end of this year - a wholly owned subsidiary located in Suzhou Industrial Park ." Vietnam or overseas products into China a transit station in Europe , the United States before the goods shipped to Chinas Hong Kong Special Administrative Region , and then arrived in Vietnam , from the Guangxi port eventually shipped to China , thus breaking the shackles of domestic and imported high tariffs .The provincial capital of existing 6 "fast brand" stores recently , an international "fast brand" stores in mainland distribution tables released, covering Uniqlo , ZARA, Muji and other 11 brands.

The core area of ??the river town s commercial area of ??60,000 square meters of Chung Yuan Hao Yuan was located , will be open for business in 2015 .Castle is also a fashion designer , told reporters : fast fashion " appeared upset the natural fashion grid, the general public can enjoy the haughty " luxury " , at least in the visual effects , fashion and affordable luxury boundaries increasingly high more blurred , the costumes from street shooting tide you can see , you can mix and match with DIOR dress on a GAP, ZRAR also backed each other and HERMES. How much is the goose parka " Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza and City Plaza Hui Ka Ting are two typical community commercial facilities.It is because of this 180 billion yuan promising markets in Europe gold diamond giant inroads into the mainland , China s jewelry industry is undergoing a profound change in the situation .I think to have two purposes :First, we co-sponsor the meeting itself .