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Zero in the first minutes after the 342 million people poured into the Taobao Mall .Reporters asked why would spring into winter fairs fairs wrong , one young man said that these forms are " left to use before . Fashion Style " Standing shoulder to shoulder in downtown Changzhou discount , prominent big clothing, leather goods and footwear have put down their social status, to half of the amount to a " magic price " marry ordinary people .Forum highly focused value department store remodeling , the " value , mode , mission" theme, launched a new method of thinking about the future development and the quest to lead the Chinese department store industry to achieve change and leap again .Simply put , the first bid by the buyer, and then see if the seller.

parajumpers 2011 As early as 2004 , when LVMH will be its Sephora cosmetics boutique retailers into China, on the use of the form of a joint venture with Shanghai Jahwa established .Reporter : China is Japans largest creditor nation , what kind of impact it will have in this regard ?Tan Yaling : Of course there is a big impact , and then the United States is the appreciation of the yen approaches used to fight the Japanese , and now the Japanese to take the same approach to deal with the outside world economy, the most important thing is China .seems to just melt was against the $ 950 million , and to tilt the Chinese market GROUPON, the previously low-key group buying site who are generous demonstrate their existence.In fact , such attempts have recently been started .

Depreciation of the yen s intention? Chinas economy will produce what kind of impact ? The countermeasures taken by China ? In this regard , the reporter interviewed a senior researcher at the Bank of China , President of China Foreign Exchange Investment Research Miss Tan Yaling . Every buyer will fill in such a form , middle-aged woman who said that in future if they would like fairs specifically notify and give certain concessions ." Compared with the traditional brands , the biggest problem is that many users Amoy brand is not to treat it as a real brand in the users perspective , the Amoy brand rooted in Taobao, a grass-roots , low-cost strategy to go , no competitive advantage , therefore, Once added to the traditional brands online price war , Amoy brand is unable to parry .Supply chain cycle will be shortened to 15 days , which in the world is a great advantage.Zheng to reporters cited an example , customers will be locked in 100 yen exchange rate 7.

Buy Cheap But now, in addition to Lynx , Tencent, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other electricity providers in the rapid expansion of the scale , Dangdang , Amazon China these two veteran Chinese electricity provider platform company is also accelerating the pace , while others such as the only product , shop No.Due to fierce competition in electronic business platform now , have heard a lot of electronic business platform requires businesses to sign an exclusive agreement, mainly to prevent large businesses to participate in promotional activities for other platforms .Topping the French LVMH Group , under which there are more than 60 brands , products related to clothing , wine, retail and dissemination , with annual sales of $ 21.

like set fashion , function and fun in one of the products, because with contemporary lifestyle , be more popular at the show site .725 billion yuan in just 13 months, the New Horizon Lakeview 641 million yuan of funds can be obtained .Domestic clothing and shoe giant will aggressively into Anhui Buy Cheap It is also China in recent years has been to increase investment in warehousing and logistics reasons Amazon.

Buy Cheap Although the mall without genuine inspection, but many sea Amoy sellers developed a unique way of inspection .Retail is not the end of the marathon , from the current development trend , the current electricity provider model is promising , it seems that traditional retail companies figure walking faltering , survival more difficult.This means that they increment of wealth over the past year than the previous years of accumulation.